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Bring healthier water into your life

Water in our area is hard - full of iron, a lot of sediments, and with a low ph level that can smell terrible. Improve what you're putting in your body with modern water treatment systems.

  • Water softeners

  • Whole-house filter systems

  • Ph neutralizers (to remove "rotten egg" smells)

  • Air injection systems

  • Iron removal filters

  • Water tests for hardness, iron, and ph levels so you know what you're dealing with

Approaches to improved water

Outside of its immediate health benefits, treated water is better for the health of your home, too. It helps plumbing last longer by diminishing the corrosion of pipes and fixtures.


Caiazzo's Heating & Air Conditioning features water treatment systems from 3M Aqua-Pure and 3M CUNO - top names in quality water care. Call 610-588-8790 for more information.

Better water saves your pipes, too

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Michael P. Caiazzo has been improving water since 1995!